Robotic Process Automation Solution for Financial Management

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is undoubtedly one of the most mature, widely-used, and most profitable digital technologies currently commercially available. Today, its application scenarios have expanded from the early financial and taxation fields to other business fields, such as human resource management, information system operation and maintenance, supply chain management, customer service, legal affairs, internal audit, etc. Beyondwise Technology and its business partners have promoted the application of RPA to industries like wealth management, asset management and law. We have been in cooperation with relevant industry practitioners, assisting in promoting the digital transformation of traditional financial and law industries.

When deploying RPA, its operation is often not stable enough and unexpectedly terminated, the process needs to be manually debugged and restarted after an abnormal interruption, and the increase in automated processes has caused the difficulty of code management to rise. Such problems lead to the high cost of RPA development and large workloads of its maintenance.

Based on the rich RPA implementation cases in the past and combined with mainstream RPA products and business processes, we combed and summarized a set of effective RPA design concepts. This set of design concepts effectively help us solve the problems.

So far, we have developed cooperation with leading corporates in the fields like bank, insurance and law.